What’s on the needles?

Yes, the title of this blog is Sew.Knit.Run., which means I do in fact knit too. Finished knitting projects are fewer and farther between than finished sewing projects for the obvious reason that knitting is a a much slower process than sewing but also because a) I tend to have several projects going at once (which drives my husband insane) and b) I lose my knitting mojo as the weather warms up. It is lovely to sit by the fire knitting a sweater for hours, less lovely to sit in sweltering hit covered by a heavy knitting project.

But it isn’t quite summer yet and I have vowed that this year I will plan ahead for next year’s cold weather, so I am working on a couple of things.

First up: Harvest by Tin Can Knits. I have never made a cardigan before and when 17066172261_315901276a_kI try something new I always go to TCK’s Simple Series to try it out. I am making this from some very inexpensive acrylic yarn, by Caron in navy blue*.  I decided to make this one in my size (I love to knit for my kids, they are so small their projects go fast) so it is taking a good long time. That’s why I always have another project to relieve the boredom

Socks: These are Paton Kroy socks in Bramble stripes. I am following The Yarn Harlot’s Sock Recipe, which I usually do when making socks. I love making self striping socks. The frequent color changes and all the twists and turns of socks keep me from getting bored. In theory, I keep this project at work to work on during lunch, conference calls or anytime I need to think. In reality, it comes home almost everyday because I just wan 16879155908_305a7984d7_kt to get in a few more rounds. That’s the downside of self-striping yarn. You just want to do one more color band.

So that’s what’s on the needles. Do you knit in warm weather?

* I would love to knit exclusively with lovely high quality, wool and other natural fibers unfortunately the budget does not allow that. I do use it when I can and for special items.

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