Run: This magazine cover is everything

I have been a part of the running world for around 15 years now. I am not always active (like now) but I am always aware and always consider myself a runner. During that time I have read/browsed a million running publications. They always offer some good advise and present lots of advertisements and they always, ALWAYS, have a skinny runner on the cover. Until now!

This cWRover for Women’s Running is amazing. A runner on a magazine that is large and in charge. She is plus-size model that is actual plus-size (a term I hate) not a padded out size 6. And she isn’t in a special “plus-size” issue, she is simply the July cover. She is simply a runner. She is awesome.

Lately, I have been feeling too fat to run. I have felt like I needed to get a little lighter before I did that to my body. But I am inspired now. I may be slow and labored right now but I can run. Well if my ankle will hurry and cooperate that is.

Well done, Women’s Running. Well done.

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