Knit: Nevermore

We are a Baltimore Ravens household. My husband has been a season ticket holder since the Ravens came to Baltimore in 1996. When I got married, as a sign of love I accepted them as my team too****.

So when I came across this lovely sock yarn from Dragonfly Fibers called Nevermore (The Ravens are named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem, if you didn’t know), how could I resist.

And so, I lovingly knitted a pair of Ravens colored socks for my beloved. I used the standard top down “sock recipe” from the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules” and did a K3P1 pattern for the leg and top of the foot. I did the heel and toes in black Serenity sock yarn.

yarma_medium2yarma_medium2 (1)

This yard was pretty dreamy to work with. I love good yarn.

The socks haven’t been to a game yet, but I’m hoping they will be lucky.

****Unless they are playing Peyton Manning. My loyalty goes: Peyton F Manning then Ravens.

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